December 8, 2017

A.I. learns by repetition and association

A.I. works by taking large volumes of information and distilling it down to simple concepts, categories and rules and then predicting future responses and outcomes. This is a function of the beliefs, assumptions and capabilities of the people who do the coding.

A.I. learns by repetition and association, and all of that is based on the information we -- humans who hold all the racial and often, specifically, anti-black biases of our society -- feed it.

-- Bärí A. Williams.

November 10, 2017

Amy Cuddy explained too well

the breadth of the accusations -- how diffuse they are -- could easily be mistaken for the depth of her scientific missteps, which at the outset were no different from those of so many of her peers.

"We were all being trained to simplify, to get our message out there -- there were conferences and panels on how to do it. One of the ironies is that Amy Cuddy just did it more successfully."

-- Richard Petty, a social psychologist at Ohio State.