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Le Jamesien


Minis-Cooper in visit with Radisson
By Josée Lefebvre

The group made up of a dozen Americans in common have only the fact
of being owners of these small racing cars. "At the beginning, nobody
knew himself, but one saw all on Internet an invitation to undertake
a tour towards North with our vehicles", tells us Peter Wan of New
York. According to information's collected, a certain David Ross
would have proposed the idea by fixing the starting point in the area
of New York for an excursion of approximately a week.

For Amy Larson of Connecticut and Annette Murano of California, the
voyage is an unforgettable experiment; like the other members of the
group, they had never been also far in north from the continent and
all could appreciate Québécois hospitality. They particularly
appreciated to go to Chisasibi to see the sea, famous Baie of James.
Walter Soyka of New York had much pleasure to take photographs during
the voyage.

Namely why undertake a tour out of Minis-Cooper, Peter Emminger
answers us: "Why not? The Minis-Cooper are not only one amusing car,
but it is also very powerful and sedentary. And in spite of what
people think, one has of the place inside ". The participants did not
have any major problem and tell with humour that one as of their
found the four tires in the air by taking a turn a little too tight.
There was no casualty, fortunately. Peter Basiliere of New York in
made laugh more one while walking in short trousers in spite of the
intense cold.

The majority of the participants of this merry group are promised to
remake the voyage, perhaps in summer if the opportunity arises.

There are clubs of owners of Minis-Cooper throughout the world. For
information, mini2 and nemini.

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