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BlackBerry 8703c on Sprint

The Black Berry 8703c mates Colour and QWERTY and GPS
to the SprintPCS PowerVision cel phone and network.

Update 2009 July: Compare to BlackBerry 9630 Tour.

The 8703e measures 4.3 x 2.7 x 0.77 inches and weighs 4.7 ounces
(135 grams). It runs on 64 MB of flash memory, 16 or RAM and a
312 MHz XScale processor.

There's RIM's aforementioned signature 35-key QWERTY
thumb-keyboard, of course, plus a QVGA (320 x 240 pixel)
resolution display that supports over 65,000 colors. The
device incorporates intelligent light sensing technology
that automatically adjusts both the LCD and keyboard
lighting to provide an optimized view in outdoor, indoor
and dark environments.

High speed broadband EV-DO data (average download
speeds of 400-700kpbs and up to 2Mbps peak speeds)
in 216 major metropolitan areas as well as 486 airports.

Key features include:

* Sprint Mobile Broadband enabled on the Sprint Power Vision Network,
the nation's largest mobile broadband network
* Fast Web browsing, application performance and attachment viewing
* GPS-enabled to support location-based services
* BlackBerry "push" technology
* Phone-as-modem capability
* Bluetooth® wireless technology headset and car kit support
* High-resolution color LCD screen, automatically adjusts lighting for
indoor and outdoor viewing
* Complete, high-end phone features including speakerphone,
dedicated "send," "end" and "mute" keys, plus user-definable "convenience" keys
* Bluetooth® 2.0 to support wireless headsets and car kits
* 64MB of flash memory to store and run powerful enterprise, personal
productivity and game applications
* Integrated attachment viewing for popular file formats.

CNET (Bonnie Cha reviews: video and text.

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