February 14, 2009

Radisson 2009: tour du nord 2009


Google Maps

Flicker Set; example; DuctTape.

Motoring File



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November 8, 2005

Arctic MINI map and photo mashup

NoNo's Arctic MINI map and photo mashup is live.

November 7, 2005

Tour de NORD: Hudson Bay or Bust III

Mapping the 2006 arctic expedition.

Newfoundland coast

Planning threads:
Arctic MINI reference by Ross Trusler.

More about Newfoundland:
Picture gallery by Jerry Curtis.

Saint John's: BureauMétéo
Increasing cloudiness. Snow at times mixed with ice pellets beginning overnight.
Snow and ice pellet amount 5 to 10 cm. Wind becoming east 20 km/h then increasing
to 40 gusting to 60 overnight. Temperature rising to zero by morning.

May 19, 2005

Hudson galleries

Uptick's arctic trek gallery.

Ross Trusler's Arctic MINI and Dave Rose' DuctTape.

May 13, 2005

Hudson trip gallery

Peter E (nakedpillowfight) 's gallery.

May 11, 2005

nemini thread

NE (New England / North East) MINI thread on Hudson trip.

March 31, 2005

Le Jamesien


Minis-Cooper in visit with Radisson
By Josée Lefebvre

The group made up of a dozen Americans in common have only the fact
of being owners of these small racing cars. "At the beginning, nobody
knew himself, but one saw all on Internet an invitation to undertake
a tour towards North with our vehicles", tells us Peter Wan of New
York. According to information's collected, a certain David Ross
would have proposed the idea by fixing the starting point in the area
of New York for an excursion of approximately a week.

For Amy Larson of Connecticut and Annette Murano of California, the
voyage is an unforgettable experiment; like the other members of the
group, they had never been also far in north from the continent and
all could appreciate Québécois hospitality. They particularly
appreciated to go to Chisasibi to see the sea, famous Baie of James.
Walter Soyka of New York had much pleasure to take photographs during
the voyage.

Namely why undertake a tour out of Minis-Cooper, Peter Emminger
answers us: "Why not? The Minis-Cooper are not only one amusing car,
but it is also very powerful and sedentary. And in spite of what
people think, one has of the place inside ". The participants did not
have any major problem and tell with humour that one as of their
found the four tires in the air by taking a turn a little too tight.
There was no casualty, fortunately. Peter Basiliere of New York in
made laugh more one while walking in short trousers in spite of the
intense cold.

The majority of the participants of this merry group are promised to
remake the voyage, perhaps in summer if the opportunity arises.

There are clubs of owners of Minis-Cooper throughout the world. For
information, mini2 and nemini.

March 20, 2005

Shoulder of James Bay highway

James Bay road's wide shoulders offer progressively deeper
snow the further off road you go. The centre of the road
offers a thin layer of packed snow and ice.


March 17, 2005

Good Morning

Matagami, , Quebec [MOV]

March 6, 2005

N3B 'snorkel' Parka


Dressed to kill not die. Prepared for extreme cold winter.

February 25, 2005

Next gas, 500 km

February 24, 2005

Bend in James Bay Highway

February 22, 2005

Snow blows into engine compartment

After parked overnight in blowing snow at -30 F, the MINI
started easily. I'm a little concerned by the accumulation
of blown snow and ice though.


February 19, 2005

Hudson Weather

Chisasibi, Québec
Radisson, Québec (MétéoTexte: RADI)

historical weather : min mean max

Matagami, Québec (YNM): Weather Canada | Yahoo | Weathernetwork

Val-d'Or, Québec
Montreal, Québec

Champlain, NY

February 17, 2005

Hudson 2005 February 18 to 22

2005 February 18 to 22

February 2005
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
-- -- _1 _2 _3 _4 _5
_6 _7 _8 _9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22
23 24 25 26
27 28

Fri Feb 18: NYC -- Montreal -- Val D'Or +
Sat Feb 19: Radisson
Sun Feb 20: Radisson
Mon Feb 21: Montreal

Here's the basics of what I would consider a good plan:

Leave Montreal area by 12 Noon
Arrive Matagami by 10 PM Friday night.
Have beer.

Depart Matagami by 9 AM
Arrive James Bay / Hudson by 7 PM Saturday night.
Have beer.

Leaving that in the hands of a "meeting" planner, I'm just doing transportation.

Depart by 9 AM
Arrive Matagami by 7 PM Monday night
Have beer.

Depart by 7 AM
Haul all the way home.


February 16, 2005

Auberge Radisson

Auberge Radisson, l’endroit par excellence pour un séjour
électrisant et inoubliable !

66, avenue Des Groseilliers, Radisson
Téléphone : (819) 638-7201
Sans frais : 1-888-638-7201
Ask for Suzie Rousseau or
Claude Gagne, General manager, Radisson

Alternate website.

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Full size spare, snowshoes, bear pants,
windscreen de-icer fluid, tow hook, tow strap, Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50.

February 15, 2005

Hudson hotels: touristy listings

More touristy listings

February 13, 2005

Hudson maps B: Quebec

Excellent James Bay Road Highway #109 travel page and kilometre posts.

0 begin
37 Matagami
257 Rupert River and Rapids
381 24hr gas 'Road Halt'
617 Radisson

Road conditions in western Quebec and on the James Bay Highway 109
by Transports Quebec.

"For the most recent information, communicate without expenses
with the

Company of energy of the Bay James (SEBJ) with the
1-888-676-INFO (4636) or

with the Municipality of Bay-James (MBJ) with
(819) 739-4473."

February 8, 2005

Hudson maps C: Quebec regional maps

more maps of Quebec

Regional road condition info

February 7, 2005

Hudson Maps 7: Matagami to Radisson

Radisson hotel info.

James Bay Road milepost by milepost guide

Road conditions for km 0 to km 620.

Radisson PDF

  • Service stop at km 381
    * Hébergement;
    * Cafétéria;
    * Distribution de carburant.
    Téléphone : (819) 638-8502

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  • February 6, 2005

    Hudson Maps 6: Amos to Matagami

    Road conditions:

    Amos – St-Dominique-du-Rosaire
    St-Dominique-du-Rosaire – Joutel
    Joutel – Matagami

    Highway 109 Amos to Matagami: mailpost to milepost guide

    Downtown Matagami:


    lodging Quebec

    Hotel Bell
    196, boul. Matagami
    Tél.:(819) 739-4347

    Hotel-Motel Matagami
    99, boul. Matagami
    Tél.:(819) 739-2501

    Motel le Caribou
    108, boul. Matagami
    Tél.:(819) 739-4550


    Abitibi PDF

    Matagami PDF

    February 5, 2005

    Hudson Maps 5: Val D'Or to Amos

    Part 5: Val D'Or to Amos.

    Hwy 111 conditions Val D'Or to Amos.

    (Highway 111 is recomended by Matagami info.)

    Or might be good to stay on Hwy 117 after Val-d'Or until Riviere-Heva,
    then take Hwy 109 up thru Amos and beyond.

    Hwy 117 conditions Val D'Or - Rivière-Héva.

    Hwy 109 conditions Rivière-Héva – Amos


    February 4, 2005

    Hudson Maps 4: Mont Laurier to Val-d'Or on Hwy 117

    Road conditions Hyw 117

    Mont-Laurier – Grand-Remous
    Grand-Remous – Limite de la réserve faunique
    Limite de la réserve faunique – Milieu de la réserve faunique
    Milieu de la réserve faunique – Louvicourt
    Louvicourt – Val-d'Or


    February 3, 2005

    Hudson Maps 3: Montreal to Mont Laurier

    Part 3: Montreal to Mont Laurier

    3a Montreal to Ste-Agathe-Des-Monts on Hyw 15
    3b Ste-Agathe-Des-Monts to Mont Laurier on Hyw 117

    Road conditions Hyw 15.

    Montréal (pont Champlain) – Jcn A-40 (Montréal)
    Jcn A-40 (Montréal) – Ste-Thérèse
    Ste-Thérèse – St-Jérôme
    St-Jérôme – Ste-Adèle
    Ste-Adèle – Ste-Agathe

    Road Conditions Hyw 117


    February 2, 2005

    Hudson Maps 2: Border to Montreal

    Road conditions Hyw 15

    Frontière état New York – Jonction de la R-219
    Jonction de la R-219 – Candiac
    Candiac – Montréal (pont Champlain)

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    February 1, 2005

    Hudson Maps 1: NYC to Canadian Border

    I-278/Triboro Bridge to Plattsburgh/Canadian Border
    via Newburgh,
    Lake George.

    Counties: Bronx, Westchester, Rockland, Orange,
    Ulster, Greene, Albany, Saratoga, Warren, Essex and Clinton.

    Control Cities:
    New York, Albany, Montreal, Buffalo.

    Notes: I-87 is part of the New York Thruway from NYC to I-90.
    There's essential three "sets" of exit numbers.

    1-14 in New York City area.
    1-24 on NY Thruway.
    1-43 north of Albany.

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    Alternate non-NYS Thruway route Via VT

    9:00 leave; 10:30 ferry
    'It is recommended that reserved vehicles arrive thirty minutes
    prior to scheduled departure.'

    ETA 9:45 AM Port Jefferson, NY

    10:30 AM 11:45 AM

    ETA 11:45 AM Bridgeport, CT

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    January 31, 2005

    Hudson Rendez-vous

    From NYC:
    ?? Dave Rose ??

    From Boston:
    Exit 5 Rt 89 NW of Concord NH Thursday 3:00pm.

    Thursday night:
    Thursday evening Rouses Point, NY (Champlain) for the night.

    The Anchorage Motor Inn
    164 Lake St, Rouses Point, NY 12979
    (518) 297-4211

    Friday morning:
    Highway 15, just north of Montreal

    Friday night: Matagami.

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    January 30, 2005

    Hudson meeting, day 1

    Champlain, New York (US/Canada border) to:

    Val-d’Or: 365.5 Miles, Estimated 7 hours, 18 minutes
    Amos: 407.7 Miles, Estimated 8 hours, 9 minutes
    Matagami: 508.7 Miles, Estimated 10 hours,15 minutes

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    January 28, 2005

    Hudson maps A: overview

    STL, MO --------- NYC, NY: 1021 miles 15 hours 42 mins
    NYC, NY --- Radisson, Que: 1264 miles 19 hours 26 mins

    (NYC, NY -- Bennington, VT: 192 miles 3 hours, 42 mins
    Radisson is 650% farther north than Vermont)

    Champlain, New York (US/Canada border) to:

    Val-d’Or: 365.5 Miles, Estimated 7 hours, 18 minutes
    Amos: 407.7 Miles, Estimated 8 hours, 9 minutes
    Matagami: 508.7 Miles, Estimated 10 hours,15 minutes

    Bear in mind that from Milford NH to Champlain NY is 235 miles,
    Estimated 4 hours 21 minutes, while the first day may be more for
    others. We will stop along the way and I'd bet no less than a half
    hour will be spent at the meeting place in NY/Canada.

    The Next Day to Radisson according to AAA:

    Matagami: 372 miles, Estimated 8 hours 24 minutes
    Amos: 485 miles, Estimated 11 hours 1 minute
    Val d'Or: 538 miles, Estimated 12 hours 13 minutes

    The ideal is Val d'Or, as we know, but Amos is about as far north
    as we should go on Day 1.

    January 17, 2005

    Winter driving report

    Winter driving report
    Location: Sandy Hook Manitoba Ca

    Extreme cold temp. report
    The over night lows here are hitting -30F and with the windchill it feels like

    My MC starts every time,first time,with no block heater.

    North American Motoring

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    January 7, 2005

    Hudson Trip info 2: clothes

    See also MINI2 thread, New England MINI thread and Ducttape Dave Rose's master site.

    *** What to bring ***

    1. Clothing: [US Elite gear]

    1.1 N3B 'snorkel' Parka

    1.2 gloves

    1.3 socks

    1.4 pants:
    F-1B Extreme Cold Weather Trousers
    F1B Flight Pants from Army Navy Sales.
    or Military ECWCS Hyvat Trousers at Army navy Deals
    or fleece bear pants.

    January 6, 2005

    Info 1: The MINI

    See also MINI2 thread, 1, 2; New England MINI thread and Ducttape Dave Rose's master site.

    *** What to bring ***

    1. Snow Tires

    2. tow eye

    3. tow chain

    4. batteries

    5. Fuses

    6. Maps:
    North America map
    western Quebec map

    7. FRS radio

    8. Battery chargers

    9. Maps

    10. GPS receiver

    11. Ice window scraper

    11. paper towels

    12. Window cleaning de-icing juice

    13. CDs to share

    14. Traction sand

    15. Flare/light

    16. Snowshoes.

    17. Tarp

    January 2, 2005

    Cold Mini


    MINI tests cars in Finland.

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    January 1, 2005

    Hudson Index

    Hudson index