February 2, 2021

Autonomous System Supporting Human Assisted Transport (ASSHAT)

Better journalism for driving Tesla automobiles.

What is autonomous vs what is reacting to a human request ?
Experienced driving enthusiast Alex "144" Roy is the master at deciphering PR hype that bamboozles many experienced and otherwise credible tech reviewers.

Does a "lane keeping" system center the car in the lane or only take action when the car strays from the lane ?

Does an "emergency braking system" act upon detecting when that the driver is attempting an emergency stop or that there is an obstacle in the car's trajectory ?

how the media gets Tesla wrong the David pogue edition

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November 9, 2017

Tesla is more than electric: Doug DeMuro,

Tesla is a philosophy, not just a car. Alex Roy supplements Doug DeMuro, explaining how duMuro became an unwitting pawn in a much bigger game: Tesla's asymmetric war on the auto industry.