December 26, 2005

transport and transit: transportblog

Update 2006 November 24: transportblog is back to full strength posting.

Sadly, transportblog was on hiatus in 2005
Coverage of transport and transit, wide ranging.

August 17, 2005

reowire (real estate owned (REO)) / Paul Jackson

Reowire offers more analysis than the pure doom and envy of most
housing bubble blogs, despite focusing on bank-owned real estate,
aka real estate owned (REO), and default servicing management.

Update 2005 October: downgraded to blogroll4 due to inactivity.

August 11, 2005

US Housing Bubble

* OFHEO HPI official housing price index.
Another US housing bubble blog.
Mostly links of doom.

* Ben Jones
Patrick Killelea, National and SF.
Another Fucked Borrower is pure gloom, San Diego-centric.
Bubble meter
Ready to burst gives a pop view.
Housing News
housingtracker tracks MLS inventory and quartile prices.
Bubble tracking is mostly statistics, San Diego-centric.
* Housing Panic
boy in the big housing bubble, eg.
Global Economic Analysis / Mike 'Mish' Shedlock

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July 4, 2005


Orson Scott Card: Science Fiction writer or
wholly derivative polemicist
? At Lance Mannion.

June 5, 2005

behavioural finance at capuchinomics

Capuchinomics: *.

Behavioural finance analysis of market trends, especially housing bubble.

Yet, efficient market theory cannot answer these questions:

-Why do companies with stable cashflows, earnings, sales and profit
margins have such volatile stocks?

-If the financials are stable, why is there so much trading?

-Why do prices change so much from day to day or month to month?

-Is that much value created and destroyed in such small time frames?

-Why do stocks increase or decrease by large amounts when often the
underlying financials only change by incremental amounts?

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May 26, 2005

xiaxue / Wendy Cheng

Why do you worship the ground I blog on or the geekery ?

Xiaxue won an asian bloggie award, topped the defunct Gweilo Diaries.
Definately a cannonical example of chatty look-at-me writing,
from Singapore. It's raining men! And the shopping ! Now that's

Press clippings folder.

Endorsers: Zapped, Google Blogoscoped.

Detractors: C(h)ristine, antistereotype (Auntie Stereotype?) 1, 2.

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December 22, 2004

SAS blog

Weblogsinc's SAS blog is more about business than statistics.

Update: 2006 Dec 01:This SAS Weblog is no loger active, but archives are on line.
Demoted to blogroll4.

Update 2005 Jan 15: Welcome Weblogsinc SAS blog readers.
There are more Coruscation SAS blog items.