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Atrios Eschaton / Duncan Black

Atrios Eschaton, aka Duncan Black's late breaking partisan
democrat news and spite, punctuated by occasional thoughtful commentary
about Ricardian equivalence. ('Eschatology' is a long word
for end game.)

Update 2008 August:twittering


On ABC's The Note:

I've been reading the Note since the middle of the 2004
presidential campaign, and I must say it's one of the funniest
things I've ever encountered. It's the perfect parody of the
insular, snobbish, in-crowd mindset of Washington journalism.

You've captured everything: the craven subservience to power,
the swooning over empty Republican chest-beating, the total
ignorance of issues that matter to non-millionaires, the snide
sidelong shots at people who understand those issues, and -
particularly when you talk about Howard Dean - the pissiness of
people who believe themselves elite and can't quite understand
why nobody else is listening to their pearls of wisdom.

It's like a transcript of a cocktail party attended exclusively
by ultra-rich child molesters and whores. Congratulations on
the brilliant work, and remember the words of satirist Michael
O'Donoghue: "Making people laugh is the lowest form of comedy."

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Productivity Strategy:

Sometimes I don't write about things because I don't
have anything to add. Sometimes I don't write about
things because I neither know enough about them
nor have a sense of who does know enough about
them for me to link to. Sometimes I don't write about
things because I just don't care about them.


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